Focus on your business rather than IT and information security
We will take care of the rest

Manage Team

Assign roles and user permissions for every single page using CRUDE (create, read, update, delete, execute) model. So you know in advance who sees and does what

Cut the waiting time

Accounting entries may be adjusted in prior periods, adjusting statements can be a mess. In Felp you just need to reupload a fresh trial balance

Help & Support

We have a great help page with detailed descriptions and explenatory videos. If there are issues, you can contact our ready to help support anytime

Security of sensitive data

We have employeed best security guidlines related to the data storage, user authentication and access processes

Access data anytime

Your team can access Felp with desktop, laptop, pad and mobile device using just an internet and browser. Every function works on any device, there are no restrictions

No IT problems

System and OS maintenence, deletion of data, viruses, prgram bugs dont happen with Felp. Data is accessible 99.99% of time and backed up on secure server infrastructure