Cutting edge fintech solution

Software engineering champions

When it comes to developing finance analytics software, best in class and most relible technologies should be used. We have a team exprienced in creation of the advanced business applications with complex logics

Finance pros

Felp founders are ACCA members and experienced professionals in finance profession with over 10 years of record in this field working as CEO's and CFO's in leading companies in the region

Bespoke fintech solution

Most of the solutions in fintech industry focus on financial transactions. In comparison, Felp team works on data science and analysis to help SME comapnies improve their financial health and create/grow business value

Modern technology Stack

Felp is built on the modern technology solutions to be efficient, and do not compromise on customer experience. Efficiency, security and usability are main objectives our team has in mind when working on platform development

Our partners

Working tight with us, to deliver quality services to you