What you get

Even with the ready financial reports, professionals need to calculate key indicators
and deliver analytics to desicion-makers. Using Felp you will get not only well designed charts and diagrams
of company performance, but in depth analytics including evaluation of financial results,
and whats most important tips and recommendations how to improve them.

Performance benchmarking

Compare key performance indicators changes over the time periods. Benchmarking includes analysis of industry overall

Financial Ratios

All the financial ratios, and change dinamics are presented to you in the visually appealing charts and diagrams

Tips and recommendations

Our advanced AI algorithms constantly evaluate organization performance and analyze potential for improvement

Relevant for every user

Wheather you are a finance pro or just a beginner, felp is easiest to understand. Key information is presented with visually appealing diagrams. If you have questions or need help in understanding the metrics, just hit the i - button and see brief explanations

Unleash the hidden potential

The most important of all is value of the company. In other words: what can it create for the company owners (maximize shareholder wealth). Felp analytics will help you identify potential shortfalls and opportunities to improve financial performance, by indicating what options may be considered

Know business value

Keeping eye on business valuation is very important for you, as the goal of business conduct is to bring its shareholders wealthiness by growing company equity value. For the purpose, Felp builds DCF and EV/EBITDA valuation models, that will give you a reference of business value. Also you can change assumtions (for example: growth and discount rates) to perform a sensitivity analysis