Works in two easy steps:

Export trial blance in the xlsx format from your accounting software

Upload the exported file to the system and fill details bout it

What you get

Managers need up to date, and timely reports to make critical decisions concerning the business future.
Weather you are finance pro or business owner/manager Felp is here to help your team avoid routine job of preparing financial
statments and analiytics. Rather using Felp you can concentrate on more important tasks in your organization, let us deliver all the
important reports in a couple of clicks

Financial Statements

You get following statments Prepared according to selected financial accounting standards

  • Financial position
  • Profit/loss and other comprehensive income
  • Cash flow
  • Owner capital

Dig into the details

Software gives not only glanse of main accounts, but breaks down them into details, so you can see assets, liabilities, expense componenets in detail

Up to date information

There can be several period types. For each one you can upload unlimited number of trial balances, to generate financial statements:

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Semi-annual
  • Annual