• Established : March, 2019
  • Category : Service
  • Client : Aula Laundry

About company:

Our mission in to provide quality and timely laundry service for 24/7 to business customers. Laundry emolyees qualified staff and we assure all the international quality requirments are met, constantly monitored by quality assurance system. Aula Laundry started in June 2019 and serves more than 20 hotels and aparthotels around the city. Our largest clients include: Orbi, Redisson, Porta tower, Mardi Plaza and more

How Felp helps us

We have hybrid financing (debt + equity) and high level of business seasonality. To keep business afloat and grow with a desired pace, we have to constantly monitor financial progress. Felp cuts the time to prepare financial report, and even you have it always with you (on smartphone). I should always know that business is generating enough revenue and cash, to pay salaries and interest on debt. And even some of the amount is aggregated to finance company growth, maintain the equipment. Accountant uploads data for every period (and here we use weekly reports), so I am always in charge of financial performance of the company. Mostly I look into details like weekly revenue and profit, costs and operating margin (if it is within the desired range). How seasonal and other changes affect company profitability. Felp also helps me with banks, I can download excel file anytime and share it to my bank account manager